ET7190Kits Demoboard

Realization via ET7190: J1850/can/ K-line data monitor, diagnosis , ECU simulation and ,K logic analysis

Demoboard Picture


Documentation and Software





ET7190 Code Example

Open Projects and C++ source code

  • RS232COMM Code

    VC++ 6.0 Open Source Project,Demo Code Based on RS232 Of Personal Computer, support ISO9141-2 ISO14230-SLOW ISO14230-FAST J1850VPW J1850PWM ISO15765-11bits ISO15765-29bits KW1281 protocols for communication and diagnostics

  • Operation Functions for Microprocessor(MCU)

    Use SPI PIC18F4550 or UART connection ET7190 with C instruction function, a slight modification can be used in other models

  • OBD2 general diagnostic program source code (not completed)

    This Example only use unified diagnostic Mode(OBD2 Define) to Request. After set OBD2 imperative ID in RS232COMM Demo code

Demoboard-supported Phisycal Bus

1. Double-wire high-speed CAN, up to 1MBPS
2. Single wire CAN
3. J1850 VPW BUS
4. J1850 PWM BUS
5. K1/K2 BUS, compatible to SCI Bus
6. SAE J1708 BUS


Function of development board

1. User's target board can be directly connected to the development board for the futher development.
2. Various ECU module simulation with the ET7190Kits tool software
3. 1850VPW, J1850PWM complete functional data transceiver and bus data monitoring
4. CAN ISO15765/J1939/TP2.0 complete functional data transceiver and bus data monitoring
5. IS014230 ISO9141 KW1281 J1708 LIN complete functional data transceiver and bus data monitoring
6. Well-functional K-line logic: When diagnostic tester communicates with ECU (Electronic Control Unit), the initialization timing of specific diagnostic tester can be easily obtained.


Function introduction : K-line Logic Analysis

1.K-line has been extensively used in vehicle diagnosis due to low unit price of communication node, however, specific diagnosis has no mandatory standard except for OBD2 function, and there is no general standard for manufacturer in the initialization process prior to the communication, the vehicle bus analyzer is unable to record the triggering process in the process of initialization. Previously, logic analyzer was the only alternative, but its communication with vehicle enabled by function of data analysis was not so user-friendly because of complex usage and limited storage. This software is a good solution to this problem at nearly zero cost. And it is user-friend with no data leakage. Theoretically, it allows for infinite records. All times are visible and clear in K-line working, which gives a lot of help for user to understand ISO14230, ISO9141, LIN, J1708 or other K-line work timing.
2. Suitable for acquiring any data wave lower than 50kbps baud rate on K-line



Function introduction : ECU simulation

Full-functional OBD simulation as ECU. Any application protocol of ISO9141-2/ISO14230(KWP2000) /J1850VPW/J1850PWM /ISO15765 can be simulated. The initialization process and respond data can be fully customizable



Function introduction : Monitor and Data transceiver

1. As a terminal to Data transceiver for all Protocols.
2. Acquisition bus data for reverse engineered study
3. Test all kinds of registers,so that master and understanding ET7190